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ISBN 978-1-909585-19-5
First published January 2016
Paperback; 48 pages; 180 x 120 mm
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Jack Robinson, author of Days and Nights in W12 (CBe), has also written as Jennie Walker (24 for 3, McKitterick Prize, Blomsbury) and Charles Boyle (ex-Faber poet, short stories from Salt).

Jack Robinson  by the same author
The great works of past ages seem to a young man things of another race in respect to which his faculties must remain passive and submiss, even as to the stars and mountains. But the writings of a contemporary, perhaps not so many years older than himself, surrounded by the same circumstances and disciplined by the same manners, possess a reality for him and inspire an actual friendship as of a man for man.
Coleridge, Biographia Literaria

A book left on a café table, a waiter chasing after the customer to return it – so begins a series of riffs on the relationship between reader and writer, taking in biographies, shoplifting, launch parties, queues for the toilet at literary festivals, cover designs, endings, re-reading, dog-walking and bonfires.

‘This is the great joy of the book: that its true subject is what happens when we read – not this book or that book, not the newsest thing or the classic we’re finally catching up on; what happens when a particular writer becomes ours. Which is not to say by the same author is all dewy-eyed, tote-baggish booklovery. It’s suspicious of the ways we weave a particular writer into our sense of identity ... Read it because a love of reading, or a life spent reading, can inure you, or blind you, to what reading actually is, and what it is doing to you as a person. This book is a kind of portrait of the contemporary committed reader: oh, you think, reading it, is that what I’m like?’
     – Jonathan Gibbs,
Tiny Camels

‘This could be one of the most enjoyable fivers you’ve ever spent (spent on a literary work, that is).’
     – Helena Nelson,

‘by the same author, by Jack Robinson (not his real name), is my favourite book about what books are, how they touch upon our lives and how our lives touch upon them (and upon each other because of them). The book is charming without being cloying, joyful whilst remaining critical, brief yet universal, profound yet light, pellucid whilst wary of the devotion we direct towards these portable vectors of something made by a stranger yet somehow integral to ourselves.’
Page & Blackmore

‘To read by the same author is to read yourself reading, somewhat like a character and somewhat like a person, in a series of small common pleasures.’
     – Cal Revely-Calder, The Cambridge Humanities Review

From reviews of Days and Nights in W12:

‘Jack Robinson is a street photographer in words, and Days and Nights in W12 is a delight: ingeniously observed, clever, elliptical and funny. It’s like the best moments  from a novel – minus the padding.’ – Geoff Dyer

‘Much cooler and funnier than Sebald’s baroque and melancholy meditations on place, Days and Nights in W12 lies somewhere between Walter Benjamin’s musings on Paris and Berlin and the wonderfully crazy mini-monologues that make up Thomas Bernhard’s The Voice Imitator. There is nothing else like it in English.’ – Gabriel Josipovici

‘This isn’t just about W12 – it’s about every urban space, including the one in your head.’ – Nicholas Lezard, Guardian

‘Reading it is like some wonderful grown-up game of playgound tag . . . This book belongs to anyone who has ever lived in a ramshackle, gritty, beautiful city.’ – Mike Loveday, Eyewear