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ISBN 978-0-9572366-4-4
First published July 2013; 90 pp paperback with endpapers; 198 x 129 mm
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D. Nurkse lives in Brooklyn, New York. His parents fled Nazi Europe during World War Two. He has published eight other books of poetry in the US; he has also written on human rights issues and worked with Amnesty International USA. His previous book published by CBe, Voices over Water, was shortlisted for the Forward Prize.

D. Nurkse  A Night in Brooklyn
‘the finest book yet of one of our finest poets’ – Richard Hoffmann, Solstice

     We undid a button,
     turned out the light,
     and in that narrow bed
     we built the great city –

In poems both visionary and alert to every shy caress, lovers in a Brooklyn largely vanished – dark bars, wild gardens – remake both themselves and the world. Other poems range beyond the city, and include versions of Andalusian song fragments and French riddles, but A Night in Brooklyn returns insistently to the mysteries of time – in which the present is unknowable yet ‘only the moment is real’. 

A Night in Brooklyn is a rich and deeply textured investigation of the intersection of memory, imagination, and history. It offers its humane and elegaic vision with the tonal range of a mature artist who has forged a voice by turns sorrowful, passionate, whimsical, and reflective. This is the finest book yet of one of our finest poets; no serious reader of contemporary poetry can afford to overlook it.’
     – Richard Hoffman, Solstice

‘The voice behind these poems is certainly Nurkse’s, but more often than not I feel it’s that deepest voice we hear rarely if ever and then only in poems, the voice of those closest to us, those we love and care for and who – because they are human – remain mysteries: “All my life I have been dying, of hope and self-pity, / and an unknown force has been knitting me back together.” No one is writing more potently than this.’
     – Philip Levine, Ploughshares

‘These are not easy poems, but they don’t play tricks on the reader, either. Stay with one and it will unfold into a meditation on birth, death, longing or loneliness.’
     – New York Times

‘Walking through these poems is like having a mythical landscape lit with as much brilliance as there is deep shadow. Filled with sensual beauty and fierce urgency, these poems usher the reader through “the doors, the stairs,/ the streets, the endless city”.’
     – Tina Chang, Brooklyn Poet Laureate

‘Nurkse’s Brooklyn is less a material environment than a metaphorical one, an intersection of memory, time, and self, subject to the fluxive uncertainties of all three … A Night in Brooklyn paradoxically represents escape from and flight to the city, a denial and a defense of self, a resignation and challenge, its individual poems sliding over and under each other like tectonic plates seeking a state of equilibrium.’

      – Fred Muratori, Manhattan Review