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ISBN 978-1-909585-36-2
First published May 2021; 102 pp
paperback with endpapers; 210 x 150 mm
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Nuzhat Bukhari was born in South Asia and moved to England in childhood. She has also spent a year living in Ireland and in America. She taught literature at Oxford and Cambridge for several years. Brilliant Corners is her first book.

Nuzhat Bukhari  Brilliant Corners


     Like an organ, a wire or a word at snap
                                                            – ‘Civics’


Brilliant Corners is both an inquiry into and a redressal of inherited cultures and the language that trips off our tongue. Its preoccupations are the tangible damage inflicted by empires, plunder of the global money markets, disfigured lives, and the bitter salves of Western privilege. Engaging with writers and artists in the European canon, in a wide range of forms the poems take necessary risks in their scrupulous approach to different experiences.

‘A richly cosmopolitan set of poems, unflinching and restrained in equal measure.’
     – Priyamvada Gopal

‘It’s a book that enlarges the poem.’ – D. Nurkse

‘Completely original and utterly inspiring.’ – Jon Snow

‘Like a diamond, these poems combine hard clarity with fascination. They are prismatic, with a tendency to make light behave treacherously. As they tilt and inflect, they reveal their corners: grim ironies and dazzling contradictions; points of unexpected contiguity; the cutlines between words and ideas, histories and narratives. They know, too, that a stone is a nucleus of guilty safety. The result is a collection that is abstract and adamant, sparkling, ruthlessly sharp.’
     – Abigail Parry