Sonofabook magazine: issue 2 now available.
(Issue 1 free with purchase of any book from this site.)

Suite for Barbara Loden by Nathalie Léger, published by Les Fugitives, now available from this website.

Spring 2016 new titles
now available
Will Eaves, The Inevitable Gift Shop
Julian Stannnard, What were you thinking?

Jack Robinson, by the same author

CB editions publishes short fiction, poetry, translations
and other work which, as the Guardian noted, ‘might
otherwise fall through the cracks between the big publishers’.
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New titles Spring 2016

Available now: Jack Robinson, by the same author: ‘a kind of portrait of the contemporary committed reader: oh, you think, reading it, is that what I’m like?’ – Jonathan Gibbs. February/March: Will Eaves, The Inevitable Gift Shop: ‘surprising, tender, funny and profound’ – Michelle de Kretser. Julian Stannnard: What were you thinking?: ‘one of the most distinctive British poets writing today’ – Deborah Levy. David Collard, About a Girl: a reader’s guide to Eimear McBride’s A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing. April/May: Patrick Mackie, The Further Adventures Of The Lives Of The Saints; Beverley Bie Brahic, Hunting the Boar.
September 2016: Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine by Diane Williams: ‘one of the true heroes of the Amercian avant-garde’ – Jonathan Franzen; ‘one of the very few contemporary prose writers who seem to be doing something independent, energetic, heartfelt’ – Lydia Davis.
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Sonofabook: the magazine

Sonofabook is published by CB editions twice a year. After issue 1, which includes writing by mostly CBe authors, each issue includes substantial work (fiction, poetry, non-fiction) selected by invited guest editors.

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‘exceedingly classy’
      – Patricia Duncker
‘the idiosyncratic genius of CB editions’
      – Nicholas Lezard, Guardian
‘the wonderfully eclectic, quietly iconoclastic CBe’
      – Mike Loveday, Eyewear

‘the admirably wayward CB editions’
      – Jeremy Noel-Tod, The Lyre
‘CB editions, one of the most original and enterprising of the small presses’
      – Nicholas Murray, Guardian
‘CB editions gets everything right ... serious books for
serious readers’
      – David Collard, Salvete