Paulette Jonguitud, Mildew

Matthew Siegel, Blood Work
Dan O'Brien, New Life
Nathalie Léger, Suite for Barbara Loden
Tony Lurcock, ‘A Life of Extremes’: The British discover modern Finland 1917–1941

Jack Robinson, by the same author
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Jonathan Barrow, The Queue
Andrzej Bursa, Killing Auntie translated by Wiesiek Powaga
Will Eaves, The Absent Therapist
Gert Hofmann, Lichtenberg & The Little Flower Girl
translated by Michael Hofmann
Agota Kristof,  The Notebook
Agota Kristof: 2 novels: The Proof, The Third Lie
Gabriel Josipovici, Only Joking
Todd McEwen, The Five Simple Machines
David Markson, This Is Not a Novel
Miha Mazzini, The German Lottery
translated by Urska Zupanec
Nicky Singer, Knight Crew
May-Lan Tan, Things to Make and Break
Marjorie Ann Watts, Are they funny, are they dead?
Dai Vaughan, Sister of the artist
Fergus Allen, New & Selected Poems
Fergus Allen, Before Troy
Apollinaire, The Little Auto
translated by Beverley Bie Brahic
Alba Arikha, Soon
Charles Boyle, The Age of Cardboard and String and Paleface
Beverley Bie Brahic, White Sheets

Andrew Elliott,  Mortality Rate
Nancy Gaffield, Tokaido Road
Joaquín O. Giannuzzi, A Complicated Mammal
translated by Richard Gwyn
Stephen Knight, The Prince of Wails
J. O. Morgan, Natural Mechanical
J. O. Morgan, Long Cuts
J. O. Morgan,  At Maldon
D. Nurkse, Voices over Water
D. Nurkse, A Night in Brooklyn
Dan O’Brien,  War Reporter
Dan O’Brien, Scarsdale
Francis Ponge, Unfinished Ode to Mud
translated by Beverley Bie Brahic
Agota Kristof, The Illiterate
Greg Loftin, Saxon
Tony Lurcock, Not So Barren or Uncultivated: British travellers in Finland 1760–1830
Tony Lurcock, No Particular Hurry: British travellers in Finland 1860–1917
The Palm Beach Effect: Reflections on Michael Hofmann
edited by André Naffis Sahely & Julian Stannard
Jack Robinson, Days and Nights in W12

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(1) The Palm Beach Effect: Reflections on Michael Hofmann and Gert Hofmann, Lichtenberg & The Little Flower Girl, trans. Michael Hofmann for £14.00
(2) Poetry: all three J. O. Morgan titles – Natural Mechanical, Long Cuts and At Maldon – for £21.00