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ISBN 978-1-909585-28-7
First published December 2018; 64 pp
paperback; 204 x 132mm
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Jack Robinson is a pen-name of Charles Boyle, editor of CBe. Previous books by Jack Robinson include An Overcoat: Scenes from the Afterlife of H.B. and Robinson.

Natalia Zagórska-Thomas is a visual artist, art conservator and curator. She owns the studio and exhibition space Studio Expurgamento in Camden Town, London. Ana Maria Pacheco: ‘Natalia Zagórska-Thomas is an artist whose work responds to issues of the contemporary world with wit, intelligence and immense sophistication.’

Jack Robinson
Natalia Zagórska-Thomas
A blush is a transgression of the customary border between the personal and the public, the border upon which both the world outside us and we ourselves heap so many expectations, personae and intentions, expectations; personae and intentions that are rendered null by a blush. A blush is regarded as embarrassing in the context of these expectations, personae and intentions, both from society and ourselves, but therein lies also the beauty and liberating power of the blush in a world in the grip of a crisis of authenticity ... In Blush, Jack Robinson (one of the pseudonyms of Charles Boyle, publisher of CB editions), provides a subtle and insightful phenomenology and social history of blushing alongside witty and equally subtle and insightful images by Natalia Zagórska-Thomas, each and both displaying the virtue of lightness that lends their work a polyvalent concision that enables it to keep generating meaning for a considerable time after the reading/viewing has been ostensibly completed.
     – Thomas Koed, Volume

An elegant, intelligent and beautifully illustrated essay about that exclusively human trait, blushing. On a first reading I chose page 39 as my page of the year for 2018.’
    – David Collard, Review 31 Best Books of 2018

A chink, a gap, a little slippage between me and the other me, the one I’m performing – where the blush gets in.

A blush is a gulp, a glitch, a stammer, a flutter, a flinch. A blush is hot. A blush is an index of confusion. A blush, acording to Darwin, is ‘the most peculiar and the most human of all expressions’. A blush says something and it speaks true. And as with many common species of songbird and butterfly, its numbers are in decline.

Texts by Jack Robinson – with citations from a range of fiction and non-fiction – and colour photographs by Natalia Zagórska-Thomas – including many of her own artwork – investigate the cultural and social history of the blush from the late 18th century to the present day.

Blush – a new adventure for CBe, affording equal status to text and images – is published in association with Studio Expurgamento.